Profile in CONNECT Jersey business magazine / by Martin Toft

Jersey’s business community, please pick up current edition of Connect published by Bailiwick Express where I’m discussing two of my research and photographic projects, Masterplan and The Seaflower Venture both concerned with the island of Jersey operating as an entrepôt. First trading cod-fish for other exotic commodities such as sugar, coffee and tobacco as part of an international merchant network that can be viewed as a blueprint for a future offshore finance industry. Opposite you can also read about the new appointment of Matt Fiott by ArtHouse Jersey who has moved from being former Head of Brexit Coordination for the Government of Jersey to Executive Producer. We all need funding to continue the production of new work that can question, challenge and explore complex issues and their impact on the island’s economy, identity and geography - só please get in touch to hear about how you can support the arts, culture and archives. For those who can't find a copy here is an online link
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