Unveiling of the Future of St Helier Hoarding #3 / by Martin Toft

If you missed the news last night at ITV Channel TV you can catch up here with Hautlieu students talking (15m.12s) about their images on display at the Masterplan Future of St Helier hoarding on the International Finance Centre supported by sponsors Jersey Development Company, Camerons Ltd and MJP Architects.

The outdoor installation on the hoarding around the construction site is a great way to engage the public in art and debates concerning the future of the island's capital but, what we need in Jersey is a new contemporary art space that will provide a new venue to showcase art produced in the island, but equally also bring international art to Jersey for the public enjoyment of its residents and visitors alike.

The recent Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategic Review, commissioned by the Government of Jersey makes 20 new recommendations that will revitalise the island's cultural infrastructure and achieve a wide range of social and economic objectives from tourism, to health and well being to external relations, to planning and environmental developments - in the hope that in partnership with Government it will enrich and enhance Jersey’s quality of life.

Let's hope those in power who can make real changes to St Helier's build environment will include such a new art space in the revised Masterplan of the Waterfront. All we need is political will and re-prioritising public funding for the arts. States of Jersey