Dispatch #4: Brazil / by Martin Toft

In the Judiciary records in Arquivo Public Estada do Bahia, a civic libel case in Caschoeira (town next to Muritiba) in 1850 to due with unpaid debt between a Jóse Viera Josta Vidal vs Sara Gibaut, Joao Frederico Gibaut and Jorge Gibaut showed that in one of the clauses (clause 2) against the Gibaut's borrowing 3000 RS from Vidal a guarantee of 6 slaves was made. This confirm's my own theory that if John Frederick Gibaut was working in agriculture it was very likely that he would have been a plantation owner in Muritiba. The state of Bahia was the destination for many of the nearly 5 million slaves that the Portuguese brought to Brazil from West Africa and it may also explain why Jóse Adilson Gibaut initially was reluctant to speak to contact established by Carlos Ingouville, friend of SJ and a descendant of the famous Ingouville family in Jersey who lives in Rio de Janeiro. What's also interesting is that Sara Gibaut must be the wife of Jean Gibault and mother of John Frederick Gibaut, or rather Joao Frederico Gibaut as he had de-Anglicised his name to Latin-American in Muritibia. A futher two tribunals from 1848 and 1851 were also listed under Joao Frederico Gibaut and my new research assistant Marcello from the states archive are currently reading through both to get an idea about what the libel cases are concerning. 

This disproves my other theory that Joao may have been born out of wedlock and also mixed race, as the Baptism records from Grouville Church shows that Jean Gibaut married a Sara Gavey who would then have changed her name to Sara Gibaut. In a few days I will be heading into the interior of Bahia and will be meeting with Jose Adilson Gibaut who hopefully will have more information about his family connections in Brazil