The Seaflower Venture in PH Museum today / by Martin Toft

My ongoing project, The Seaflower Venture is featured today on PHmuseum. The project emerged from research into the origins of Jersey’s banking history undertaken as part of Masterplan - a parallel project focusing on the story of the island’s finance industry. With Jersey operating as an entreprôt; the island’s merchant trade of global commodities conducted across multiple outposts can be seen as a blueprint for a future offshore financial services industry facilitating international flow of capitol from other jurisdictions. 

Within the context of Brexit and uncertainty of future trade relations I'm working on ambitious plans combining both projects into a multi-media installation in multiple locations in 2022. Entrepôt will explore through the prism of colonial and family history Jersey’s original wealth generated by the proceeds from the North Atlantic fisheries in the 18th and 19th centuries and how its merchant networks in the West Indies, South America and Mediterranean lay the foundation for the island's economic growth and development in the 20th and 21st centuries as an International Finance Centre. #theseaflowerventure #masterplan #entrepot