Masterplan part of CAPITAL at Ballarat International Foto Biennale / by Martin Toft

Work from MASTERPLAN - my long-term project exploring the transformation of Jersey from a rural community centred upon agriculture, maritime trade and tourism into an international finance centre opened this weekend as part of CAPITAL an international group exhibition curated by Gareth Syvret and Naomi Cass at Ballarat International Foto Biennale. Held in the former Union Bank, constructed at the height of Australia’s gold rush in 1864, now transformed into the National Centre for Photography; 'the exhibition explores the use of the photography as a method for reflecting upon systems of value and exchange in contemporary Indigenous and settler cultures. Drawing together Australian and international practices that encounter forms of financial, political, human and photography’s own capital, the project questions the capitalist model and its legacy. If the invisible hand of the market grips the world, then Capital proposes that art can reveal and question that which seeks to bind us.'

Featured artists Gabi Briggs (Aus), Peta Clancy (Aus), Mark Curran (Irl/De), Simryn Gill (Malaysia/Aus), Kristian Haggblom (Aus), Newell Harry (Aus), Lisa Hilli (Aus), Nicholas Mangan (Aus), Darren Siwes (Aus), Martin Toft (Jer), Yvonne Todd (NZ), Justine Varga (Aus) and Arika Waulu (Aus).

(Image: Darren Siwes, OZ OMNIUM REX ET REGINA, Silver female, courtesy the artist and Gagprojects)

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