New work from MASTERPLAN on show in Australia / by Martin Toft

New images from MASTERPLAN - my long-term research and photographic project exploring the transformation of Jersey from a rural community centred upon agriculture, maritime trade and tourism into an international finance centre is featured in CAPITAL at Ballarat International Foto Biennale- a group exhibition featuring work from Australian and international practitioners curated by Naomi Cass and Gareth Syvret

'Applying the methods used in photographic archives for recordingarchaeological finds of pre-historic material culture, he offers these images up to the historical record. When compared with the photographs of artefacts we are familiar with from museums of ancient culture they seem absurd and of questionable value. As such Toft’s photographs question the nature of finance work as a process of production and reflect upon the status of the intangible economies that have come to dominate contemporary life.’ (extract from exhibition wall text by curator, Dr Gareth Syvret)

If you are in the Southern hemisphere go and see the excellent programme of exhibitions at Ballarat open to the public until 20 Oct!

image" Pencil Holder #1, Pencil Holder#2 and Pencil Holder#3 from Masterplan © Martin Toft, 2019

pencil_holder #1, #2, #3.jpg