Occupation vs Liberation education project / by Martin Toft

An excellent day of research at Jersey Archive looking through documents and public records from their various collections on German Occupation, including a letter from the Bailiff of Jersey expressing 'repugnance against the carrying out of a sentence of death on women' (Alexander Coutanche, 22 Nov 1944) - in this case the death sentence given to surrealist artists Claude Cahun (Lucy Schwob) and her lover and step sister, Marcel Moore (Suzanna Malherbe) for offences against the Occupying Authority (Nazi Germany.) Many thanks to Senior Archivist Stuart Nicolle for giving us an insight into some of the stories hidden in the depths of the archive managed by Jersey Heritage. Students at Hautlieu School are working on an extensive programme of study in their final year exploring the island of Jersey's Occupation and Liberation stories and will be producing a series of outcomes such as a collection of zines, a newspaper, outdoor installations and photobooks which will be exhibited as part of a collaboration with post-graduate students at École européenne supérieure d'art de Bretagne (EESAB) in 2020 for the 75 Liberation celebrations. Previous research at the Société Jersiaise Photo Archive and site visits to bunkers and German fortifications managed by CIOS Jersey have been completed and students are now focusing on personal stories, experiences and memories from islanders who lived through the occupation in 1940-45.